Ready or Not Review Part 2

It never fails to amaze me how I can plan a meal in the morning, but by evening my plans have shifted.  That’s why I named this blog “plandemonium”- start with a plan, but prepare for pandemonium.

I planned to make Potsticker Stir-fry from my new Ready or Not! cookbook on Saturday.  I had purchased all the necessary ingredients for it and for my Sunday meal since grocery stores are closed on Sunday in Germany.  But after running around all day cleaning, exercising the dog, and taking on a few side cooking projects (starting a batch of sourdough starter with my daughter and sauerkraut on my own) I was pretty wiped out.  My little girl had gotten sick which created more laundry and mental distress.  At 4:30pm, I let my hubby (who was back and very jet-lagged) know that either he and my son could make the stir-fry or they could go get some food to bring in.  We ate some Greek grill from down the street.

Sunday I decided I didn’t want to try to re-purpose the ingredients I’d purchased for Saturday, and with yet another busy week coming up, I wanted to be sure to have some leftovers ready to reheat in the fridge.  I made the Potsticker Stir-fry for lunch, and it was pretty good.  I didn’t make the green beans I had bought to go on the side, and I probably should have since I felt the meat-to-veggie ratio was off.

I also made a new wing recipe from Ready or Not! and it was a big hit with my family.  The MokMok wings were fantastic and my kids asked if I could make them at least once per week.  I paired them with spiralized zoodles and leftover Thai citrus dressing from last week.

On Monday I remedied our meat-to-veggie ratio and made some steamed green beans to accompany all the leftover Potsticker Stir-fry. And since we were at my son’s soccer practice until 8pm, I was grateful that I had something easy to feed the kids before we left.

Right now, it looks Tuesday is going to be the one night a week that I do not have to be at the soccer field, so I took the opportunity to make a more elaborate meal that was more labor intensive.  I made a bunch of recipes from Ready or Not!: Salt and Pepper Porkchops and I planned to make Buffalo Cauliflower Things with Paleo Ranch.  I made everything but the Buffalo Sauce because I forgot to pick up a key ingredient.  However, I went ahead and made some Sriracha Ranch.  This was another big hit in the family, though I have one kid who really hates cauliflower and opted to eat leftover zoodles instead.

I hadn’t planned to make ribs on Wednesday, but they were on sale at the grocery store and I had defrosted what I thought was some beef broth only to discover it was BBQ sauce.  So we had BBQ ribs instead, paired with Ranch Potato Salad and Beet Salad with Orange Vinaigrette.  I made the Potato and Beet Salads ahead of time and got the ribs rubbed and in the oven around lunchtime.  Then my dear hubby finished the ribs off under the broiler when he got home so everything was ready when we got back from soccer practice.

Thursday is our 2nd “late soccer” night and so I’m trying to pre-feed the kids instead of having them melting down at 8pm because they are simultaneously hungry and ready for bed.  I tried Ready or Not!‘s Chicken Curry in a Hurry recipe with some rice.  I had to laugh because it is basically exactly what I already do for rushed nights.  Curry paste, coconut milk, veggies, chicken and 30 minutes.  Boom!  This cookbook is fantastic!  Sure there are a few recipes that I may never make.  But the recipes I won’t make are really only determined by the availability of the ingredients.  For example, I’m not likely to splurge often on duck or lamb (though they may show up around the holidays).  And currently, doing anything with avocado is super expensive. I can’t wait to try these recipes when I’m back somewhere that avocados don’t put a huge dent in my grocery budget.

The kids’ soccer teams had a beach soccer night on Friday, so we just grabbed dinner at the restaurant next to the lot.  In case you wonder what we eat when we go out: the hubby and I had salads (and beer), while the kids indulged in some foods you don’t see in our house.  My daughter got some pasta with tomato sauce and my son chowed down on currywurst and french fries.

I’ve been told by my husband that he would like to give me a bit of a break on the cooking front, so from here out I am leaving Saturday‘s open for him to plan and make a meal.  Usually he ropes in one or both kids to assist.  Tonight we’ll be dining on burgers and broccoli, and I’ll be putting my feet up (or more likely working on some other projects on my blogs or around the house).

Do stay tuned because I’m about to shake things up a bit on here.  I’m finding it really difficult to keep up with two blogs, homeschooling, and actually MAKING the meals I plan.  I’m going to change things up to make life a little easier for myself.


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