Plan: Sep. 23-29, 2017

I like to experiment and shake things up from time to time, but I have to admit that this attempt to create 4-week meal plans has been a failed experiment. I do like utilizing doubled and frozen recipes from week to week, and I plan to continue to do so. However, the time commitment required for sitting down and planning four weeks at a time (not to mention typing, linking, and formatting for the blog) has been too great.  The idea is so overwhelming that I find myself avoiding any meal planning whatsoever, and that is a strong indicator that it just won’t work for me. I did plan meals the last two weeks, and I have a plan for this upcoming week, so I will share those as I try to get back to weekly posting.

To save my sanity and make the blog more manageable, I am going to stop posting shopping lists.  Those are easily obtained by looking at the recipes, so there is just no need for me to spend so much effort to save you from clicking though.   Thank you to those to keep reading through my attempts to make this blog sustainable.  And now, here’s what we ate the first of those weeks.

Saturday: Boy’s Choice (I honestly don’t remember what this was. I think we may have gone out to eat.)

Sunday: Orange Dijon Chicken made with two whole chickens (Ready or Not! pg 107) and Broccoli Bagna Cauda (Food For Humans pg 148)  

My family really loved this chicken recipe and it made plenty of leftovers for Wednesday!  Also, don’t be scared of the anchovies in the broccoli recipe, they really add to the umami of the dish.

Monday: Kalua Pig (Food For Humans pg 237) with Roasted Broccoli (Make it Paleo pg 338), steamed rice, and Ginger Sesame Sauce (Ready or Not! pg 66)

I froze 1/2 the Kalua Pig for use later in the month

Tuesday: Slow-cooker BBQ Meatloaf and Rot Kohl

I cheated and just bought BBQ sauce.  My family LOVED this, which I found shocking.  I try not to make more than one “ground meat” thing per week because my hubby complains.  So I figured he must hate meatloaf but found myself happily wrong.

Wednesday: Leftover Orange Dijon Chicken (from Sunday) and Slivered Brussels Sprouts.

Thursday: Egg Foo Young-ish (Food For Humans pg 137)

This wasn’t the most popular dish ever, but it was a nice, portable option for our long night of soccer. I made the egg patties in the afternoon and then took them to practice with us.  My family would have preferred this for breakfast than for dinner.

Friday: Easy Chicken Tinga (Ready or Not! pg 117) and Zucchini Tortillas

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