Plan: Dec. 31, 2017- Jan. 6, 2018

Faithful readers (all three of you):  next week I will post my last meal plan.  I began this blog last MLK Day, and my goal was to do it for at least a year.  It has been a year that has been educating and rewarding.  It has rejuvenated my meal planning (and burned me out at times).  But in looking at various priorities in my life, I’ve decided not to continue.  I will keep meal planning for my family, but I’m going to close down my blog and Facebook page so I can focus on other projects.  If you love any recipes I’ve linked, pin them or save them now.  Print out any of my “originalish” recipes.  I’m not sure how long the blog will continue to live on the interwebs because I’m not renewing my domain registration or my WordPress plan.  Thanks for reading and supporting me this last year.  Keep eating healthy, delicious food.


Sunday: Butter Chicken, Vegetable Korma, and Indian Rice
Growing up, we had a big Indian meal for Christmas dinner, but I’ve migrated that meal to New Year’s Eve in our family.  I don’t really have recipe for the rice: I just brown the onions really dark, add a bunch of whole-seed spices (like cumin, cloves, and a cinnamon stick), and a dash of salt.  I had to use jasmine rice instead of basmati because I didn’t realize I was out.  But it tasted fine- it was just a slightly different texture.

Monday: Burgers with Roasted Broccoli and Cauliflower
This was another no-recipe night.  I had planned Unstuffed Cabbage Bowls but found myself without several ingredients on a day when all stores were closed. So the beef was turned into burgers and I used up some vegetables that I hadn’t assigned to anything else.

Tuesday: Sheetpan Sausage Dinner (RoN pg 298)
I managed to use up the cabbage I didn’t use on Monday, and this was SO easy.  I have better access to Bratwurst than Italian sausage, so the was the only adaptation I used.  I will say that my kids didn’t like eating the cabbage in huge slices, but they also didn’t kick up too much fuss. It just wasn’t a preference.

Wednesday: Green Chicken Drumsticks and Zoodle Pad Thai

Thursday: Spicy Tuna Cakes and Roasted Green Beans
This was NOT enough food for our active, hungry family.  I think we all woke up with rumbling bellies the next morning.  This was…ok.  But I won’t make it again for a few years until I’ve forgotten how many better dishes are out there or if I’m trying to clean out the pantry.

Friday:  MokMok Wings (RoN pg 104) and Asian Citrus Brussels Slaw

Saturday: Bacon Apple Smothered Porkchops and Roasted Broccoli
My husband and daughter teamed up and gave me the night off of cooking (and did a darn good job).  My son did the dishes.  Ahhhh…

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  1. I’ve been impressed with your dedication to posting. As you know, I’ve also closed my blog down for the time being with the hope someday to revive it. Anyways, I’m glad we both learned a lot in the process.

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