About Me

I've got kids' activities to coordinate, an energetic dog who MUST-absolutely MUST-get out for an hour a day, a husband with an unpredictable schedule, my own hobbies and interests to pursue, and a desire to help my family keep our bodies and budgets trim and healthy. In short, I'm a lot like you: I don't have tons of time but I have great intentions. I've learned some short-cuts and other lessons in my years of feeding my family, and I'd like to help you spend less time stressing about meals and more time actually enjoying them.  I'm also a military spouse and a homeschooler.  

If you like what you see here and want to support me, please consider clicking through to Amazon when you ready to make your next order.  It does not increase your cost at all, and I'll earn a small commission on what you buy. Thanks!  Grocery and Kitchen Gadgets on Amazon

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